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Ratnamali Gatha

Sri Lanka - Venerable Pannala Gnanaloka Mahathera who served the Buddhasasana as a well disciplined bhikkhu, and as Viharadhipati of the Sri Nawaloka Temple in Sedawaththa in Colombo for over twenty seven years.

He was born on the 8th of September 1965 in Pannala in the Sabaragamuwa of Sri Lanka, and entered the Order of Bhikkhus as a samanera (novice) at the age of fifteen, at the Sri Gnanathilaka Pirivena in Alapalawala under the tutelage of Ven. Imbulinne Mahinda Anunayaka thera, As a growing up bhikkhu he received his training and higher education at the Teppanawa Sri Sumana Pirivena and Ahaliyagoda Sri Sumana Piriwena. He received his higher ordination (upasampada) in June 1991.

In popularizing Buddhism, modern poetic preaching use poems as a communication strategy. Thus the Kavi Bana is effective in drawing the attention of the listeners and keeping them attentive throughout the sermon. The very use of poetry, a calm musical tone of the preacher, and rhythms eliminate audience boredom by keeping them interested in what is being preached. It demands a variety of talents from the preacher and only few of monks who have pleasant voices as well as an ability to compose poems have adopted poetic preaching.

Thus the number of preachers who can give successful poetic sermon is quite limited.

But, Venerabel Pannala Gnanaloka Thera (Nawaloka Temple) is very popular for producing very pleasant, creative and useful Kavi Bana sessions which are attracted by Most Buddhists and non Buddhists. The popularity increased drastically after the Swarnawahini TV Program "Ama Dahara" which is telecasted live on Poya days from 1 - 2PM. The TV program includes a Kavi Bana session of the Venerabel Pannala Gnanaloka Thera.

The Venerabel Pannala Gnanaloka Thera’s Kavi Bana sessions are broadcasted on all FM radio channels daily during the morning and evening hours of the day.